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Scientific and Technical Translation

Scientific and Technical Translation

Scientific and technical translations are specialist translations with a high level of terminology used in a very specific context. There's no room for error in any kind of translation, but even less in scientific and technical work, which should be exact, accurate and faithful to the original, demanding a high degree of experience and knowledge of the subject dealt with in the source text from the translator.

Our scientific and technical translations are of the highest quality as all our translators are native speakers with academic qualifications in a range of areas including: engineering, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, etc., and are supported by extensive glossaries of terms that have been built up over the course of our professional practice.

Some examples of scientific and technical translations are technical manuals, product information, bidding documentation, technical specifications, project documentation, trials, technical reports, experts' reports, parts lists, catalogues, etc.

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At TRAYMA TRANSLATIONS SERVICES we have the necessary infrastructure to continue developing our work at full capacity so that the effects of this situation affect as little as possible both our clients and collaborators.

In this sense, we have extended our working hours to 8 pm and we are giving PRIORITY to all those translations related to CORONAVIRUS without charging any urgency fee.

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