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Layout and Publishing

Layout and publishing

Many of the errors in multilingual translations are not made in the actual translations but at the design stage. Designers often don't understand the foreign language and make mistakes in the final stage of production. Our translations include a third revision once the texts have been formatted, a professional service that we always include in our competitive rates for all our clients, as they are so important for the end result.

Some languages require specific typographies (for example, Cyrillic languages such as Ukraine or Russian is unlikely to use the same typography as a project formatted in an Anglo-Saxon language). Special care must be taken at this stage, with painstaking attention to detail so practically identical styles can be preserved.

When we handle delicate material, like a logo in a corporate document that needs to be adapted to another language, this can be a difficult task. It's extremely important that the appearance of all the graphic elements is identical to the original, even though the text in the graph, map or table has been manipulated.

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