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Our Story

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At the moment we are giving our corporate image continuity by building in new elements that add value to our everyday work. This includes asking clients what they expect from us, giving an immediate response to orders received, customising estimates by sector, providing clients with terminology lists for each project and publicising everything we do. At TRAYMA we have a reputation for our speedy response and our excellent after-sales service, two key factors that set us apart as a translation, transcription and interpreting services company.

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Following our vision of smoothing the way for international communication with an excellent, customised and approachable service for our clients, responding immediately to their needs with courteous and good humoured messages, we decided to change our logo to emphasise the fresh, happy attitude of our entire team. The different colours represent the different languages we translate into, based on joining the various flags together.

trayma traducciones logo


As we grew, our office in the Representantes building near the bullring became too small and this prompted us to move to Av. Estación between the Renfe railway station and the Diputación offices. This central location was key to having greater interaction with people needing to translate personal documents, including all kinds of certificates, qualifications, documentation required for administrative processes, etc.

trayma traducciones logo


Trayma was founded with the mission of being the Alicante-based translation company that helps local companies and individuals to communicate all over the world. Under our slogan TRANSLATE YOUR BRAND, TRANSMIT YOUR SUCCESS, we provide solutions in any language to enable companies to stand out from their competitors and make the most of their brand's intangible assets, from both a commercial and marketing point of view and in terms of the legal aspects of intellectual property (trademarks, designs, patents, etc.).