agencia de traduccion alicante trayma

Interpreting service

Interpretation is one of TRAYMA’s core activities. This means we can convey

a message in another language while maintaining register, tone, style and terminology.

At TRAYMA we have professional interpreters who can help your brand meet

its internationalisation and market diversification targets.

We also have all the material needed to cover your interpreting requirements: rental of simultaneous

interpreting booths, sound equipment, receivers, Infoport system and audio guide systems.

What types of interpreting do we offer?

interpretacion simultanea


The interpreter renders the original speech in real time. Events, congresses, training sessions, etc.

interpretación simultanea


Webinars, video calls, online training sessions, online meetings.

interpretación consecutiva


The interpreter waits until the speaker has finished before translating their words into the target language. Meetings, trade negotiations, press conferences, etc.

interpretación de enlace


The interpreter accompanies the client at all times to help him or her carry out all the necessary procedures.

Professional interpreting for companies

At Trayma, we understand the crucial importance of accurate and effective communication in the business world. That’s why we offer specialised interpreting services for companies, ensuring that every word and nuance is faithfully conveyed in every language. Our team of professional business interpreters is dedicated to overcoming language barriers, ensuring that your message comes across clearly and without distortion.

Interpreter translator for companies

Our highly qualified and experienced translators and interpreters from different industries are more than just translators: they are cultural bridges that facilitate communication in a global environment. Whether for negotiations, conferences or international events, our interpreters adapt to your specific needs, offering customised solutions to ensure the success of your business communication.

Professional in-house interpreter

Professional interpreting requires more than language proficiency; it demands a deep understanding of cultural and business contexts. At Trayma, our professional business interpreters combine language skills with specialist knowledge in a variety of areas, ensuring the highest quality interpreting that accurately reflects your ideas and concepts.

Trayma takes corporate interpreting to new heights

Choose Trayma to overcome linguistic and cultural boundaries in your company. Our professional interpreting services ensure that, regardless of language or context, your message will be conveyed with the clarity and accuracy your company deserves.

Interpreting services for companies in Alicante