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The interpreter must be able to convey the message into another language preserving its original register (formal, colloquial, slang), tone, style and specific terminology whilst remaining completely faithful to the speaker's intentions and whether they are using a light-hearted or serious tone, metaphors, jokes and so on. This is precisely why it's called interpreting, because it interprets what the speaker is saying in another language. The skills used in translating and interpreting are very different.

In addition to professional interpreters in more than 40 different languages, we have all the material they need to do their interpreting job: rental of simultaneous interpreting booths, sound equipment, receivers, Infoport system and audio guide systems.

Agencia de traducción españa
Simultaneous Interpreting
Agencia de traducción españa
Consecutive Interpreting
Agencia de traducción españa
Bilateral Escort-Travel Interpreting
Agencia de Traduccion España
International Interpreting

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