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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretating

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates the original speech in real time. This is the most dynamic and fluent interpreting style, appropriate for conferences, lectures and talks with more than two "receivers of the translated message".

There are several different types of simultaneous interpreting depending on clients' needs: 

Simultaneous interpreting from a sound-proofed booth

This is the best type for large conferences, events, specialist seminars and/or international meetings held in two or more working languages. This system is technically more costly but is the most suitable when there are more than 15 listeners.

Whispered simultaneous interpreting or chuchotage

In this type of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter whispers the message from the speaker to the participant, in real time and with no headset, so it's reliant on the room having good acoustics. It's normally used for short interviews, visits or meetings in which most participants share the same working language, with the exception of one or two people. This method is used for product presentations or factory visits, although it can be irritating in a small room where the other attendees may think that two or three people are talking and not paying attention to the speaker. As professional interpreters we advise making an announcement about what is taking place.

Simultaneous interpreting with Infoport

Infoport is a simple, portable wireless system that includes a transmitter with a small microphone for the speaker and receivers for the listeners.

The system is used for small meetings (up to a maximum of 20 people), internal training sessions, guided tours, company visits, etc. This system doesn't need a sound-proofed interpreting booth or a technician on standby. It's ideal for places where there's no room for a booth or where clients need to save on costs. It's very practical for training courses as the interpreter can move around the room together with the speaker to help with possible explanations being given at any particular time.

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